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Ergotech is a company that produces mounts for monitor arms. Their dual articulating freedom arm mounting arm for monitor is an innovative design that allows the monitor to be mounted in a variety of ways. The arm can be positioned in a standard way with the freedom armmounting the monitor in a standard location or it can be positioned in an angle that provides for better viewing angle. The arm is made from precision made materials and it arrives in a high-quality packaging.

Ergotech 2 x 2 Quad Desk Stand with 28-Inch Pole - Black

Best ERGOTECH Monitors Features

Ergotech 2 x 2 quad desk stand with 28-inch pole - black.
The ergotech dual vertical lcd monitor stand is perfect for when you need to keep your computer graphics looking crisp and accurate. The stand can be used for just about any computer monitor, including above-the-screen devices, or devices that only have one or two graphics cards. The stand has two vertical lcds that give you a viewing angle of 120 degrees, making your graphics just as accurate as if you were using the real-world monitor on the job. The stand is also easy to set up, simply connect the power cord to the appropriate plug, and you're good to go.
ergotech dual lcd monitor desk mount stand two screens up to 24 is a perfect addition to any desk. It has two screens, making it able to handle many meetings at the same time. The stand alsoggies also provide a stable mount for both left and right-handed users.